CPE Credits

Here's Audit Friendly’s Curated list of Places to find CPE Credits (both free and Paid/unlimited plans):

FreeLiveCPE.com - An old school site that aggregates the Big4 and other resources to get you access to webinars and courses to get those pesky CPE credits out of the way.

CPA Academy - CPAacademy.org offers an easy-to-use platform for knowledge sharing and idea exchange through the marketing and presenting of the most up-to-date educational content and developments important to the accounting profession.

Paychex - Believe it or not, Paychex is a great resource for the free CPE. Take a gander and find what you’re looking for directly on their site.

My CPE - This website is primarily selling paid subscriptions but has a directory of free courses you can take. This is my go-to when I’m in a crunch and don’t have time to get my CPE planned throughout the year. You’ll find me paying for the unlimited package when their sale is on (Usually marked to $199). Becomes a no-brainer when you’re behind on the credits!

CPE Subscriptions:

Check out these companies if you’re like me and always falling behind on the credits. CPE Aggregators and subscription plans become an easy way to knock out hours of CPE without having to jump around from site to site or watch webinars and wait for the multiple choice questions to pop up throughout. Mostly self-study courses and offer robust credits for Accreditations in all states and in Canada too.

Have a CPE Website you’d like to share? Let us know below!