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Accounts Payable Specialist - Resume Templates and Examples in 2024

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Whether you are new to the field or looking to advance in your career, this page is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what it takes to excel as an Accounts Payable Specialist in the fast-paced world of finance and accounting.

As an Accounts Payable Specialist, you play a crucial role in managing an organization's expenses and maintaining financial order. Your expertise ensures that all payments are processed accurately and efficiently, which is essential for the financial health of any business. This role involves not only a keen eye for detail but also a solid understanding of financial processes and accounting principles.

On this page, you will find everything you need to understand the responsibilities and skills required for this role, explore potential career paths, and even download specialized resume templates tailored to help you secure a position as an Accounts Payable Specialist. Whether you are preparing for your first job in the field or are an experienced professional aiming for advancement, these resources are designed to bolster your career journey.

Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to craft an impressive resume, understand the key responsibilities of an Accounts Payable Specialist, and connect with opportunities that can propel your career forward. From detailed job descriptions to downloadable resume templates and insider tips on connecting with industry recruiters, we have gathered everything to facilitate your career progression in accounts payable.

How should we go about describing accounts payable on a resume?

When describing accounts payable on your resume, it's important to focus on your specific responsibilities, achievements, and the skills you've developed that are relevant to accounts payable roles. Here’s how you can effectively describe your experience in accounts payable on your resume:

Specify Your Responsibilities: Clearly state your daily tasks and responsibilities such as invoice processing, vendor management, payment scheduling, and financial reconciliation. Use active language to paint a picture of your role, for example, "Processed weekly batches of over 100 invoices," or "Managed monthly vendor payments and reconciliations."

Highlight Software Proficiency: Mention any accounts payable or financial software you are proficient in, such as QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, or specific AP tools like Stampli or This shows your technical competency and ability to adapt to different technologies.

Showcase Achievements with Metrics: Quantify your achievements to give concrete examples of your efficiency and impact. For instance, "Reduced invoice processing time by 30% through the implementation of automated data entry techniques," or "Maintained a 98% accuracy rate in financial reporting over two fiscal years."

Demonstrate Problem-Solving Skills: Explain how you have addressed challenges in your role. For example, you could include a bullet point like, "Resolved ongoing issues with late payments by developing new vendor follow-up procedures."

What about how to write a resume for accounts payable?

Include Keywords from Job Descriptions: Integrate keywords that are commonly found in accounts payable job listings. Terms like "accounts reconciliation," "payment processing," "financial compliance," and "vendor relations" should appear in your descriptions. This not only helps your resume pass through applicant tracking systems but also aligns it more closely with potential employers' needs.

Focus on Compliance and Accuracy: Highlight your knowledge of financial policies and regulations if applicable, and emphasize your meticulous attention to detail and commitment to accuracy.

What are some key skills for Accounts Payable?

Key Responsibilities of an Accounts Payable Specialist

We often get the question: What are good job responsibilities to put on a resume for accounts payable roles, and specifically, accounts payable specialist roles?

As an Accounts Payable Specialist, your role is critical in ensuring the financial health of the organization through efficient management of payable accounts. The responsibilities associated with this role require precision, attention to detail, and a strong understanding of accounting principles. Here are the key responsibilities that define the role of an Accounts Payable Specialist:

Invoice Processing: Review, verify, and process invoices to ensure accuracy in billing details, coding, and authorization. Manage the timely entry of invoices into the accounting system to avoid delays and financial discrepancies.

Payment Disbursement: Execute payment through various means such as checks, electronic transfers, and wire payments. Schedule and prepare checks, resolve purchase orders, contracts, invoices, or payment discrepancies and documentation; ensure credit is received for outstanding memos.

Vendor Communication: Serve as the primary point of contact for all queries related to invoices and payments. Maintain regular communication with vendors to resolve invoice discrepancies, negotiate payment terms, and foster strong, trust-based relationships.

Financial Record Keeping and Reporting: Maintain accurate and organized records of all accounts payable transactions. Prepare financial reports related to accounts payable, such as aging reports, monthly accruals, and vendor statement reconciliations.

Internal Controls and Compliance: Adhere to established internal controls and compliance requirements related to accounts payable. Assist in internal and external audits by providing necessary documents and explanations about payable processes.

Expense Reconciliation: Perform monthly reconciliations of assigned accounts, review any anomalies or mismatches in records, and take corrective actions to resolve them promptly.

Process Improvement: Continuously identify and implement improvements in the accounts payable process to increase efficiency, accuracy, and security. This may involve updating procedures, implementing new technologies, or training staff on new systems.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate with other finance team members to support overall department goals and objectives. Work closely with the procurement and budgeting teams to ensure alignment with financial management strategies.

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Examples of Responsibilities and Experience + Quickbooks + Hiver Examples

Below is an example of an AP specialist with 2-4 years experience, working with, Quickbooks, and Hiver, processing 50-60 invoices per day.

  • Managed daily processing of 50-60 invoices, ensuring accurate, timely payments and maintaining strong vendor relations.

  • Utilized for streamlined invoice management and vendor payments, reducing processing time by 20%.

  • Maintained precise financial records and prepared monthly reports by leveraging QuickBooks, enhancing budget tracking and financial reporting accuracy.

  • Coordinated with cross-functional teams to resolve discrepancies in invoices and payments, improving accounts payable workflow efficiency by 15%.

  • Implemented electronic payment systems that decreased manual check payments by 30%, boosting office sustainability and reducing operational costs.

  • Utilized Hiver to effectively manage email communications and workflow assignments within the accounts payable team, increasing team productivity and collaboration.

  • Negotiated payment terms with suppliers to optimize cash flow, successfully extending average payment terms by 10 days.

  • Conducted regular audits of accounts payable transactions to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

  • Developed and enforced a standardized vendor management system, which improved vendor satisfaction and reduced the time to onboard new vendors by 25%.

  • Assisted in the transition to a paperless accounts payable process, leading to a 40% reduction in paper use and contributing to the company's green initiatives.

Brex Examples

Here are some examples of an Accounts Payable Specialist utilizing Brex’s Spend Management and P-Card Program:

  • Leveraged Brex for comprehensive expense management, streamlining the reconciliation process and reducing time spent on monthly closings by 25%.

  • Implemented and managed corporate credit card programs using Brex, resulting in improved tracking of company expenses and a 15% reduction in unauthorized expenditures.

  • Trained and supported 40+ team members in adopting Brex for business expenditures, enhancing overall compliance with corporate financial policies.

  • Utilized Brex's dashboard and reporting tools to provide real-time financial insights, aiding senior management in strategic decision-making and budget adjustments.

  • Spearheaded the integration of Brex with existing financial systems, ensuring seamless data flow and improving overall financial operations efficiency by 20%.

Processing Invoices Manually

Here are some examples of an Accounts Payable Specialist processing Invoices manually:

  1. Processed an average of 50-60 invoices per day manually, maintaining high accuracy levels in data entry and payment processing under tight deadlines.

  2. Established and enforced a systematic filing system for manual invoice processing, enhancing document retrieval times by 30% and supporting effective audit trails.

  3. Collaborated with vendors and internal departments to resolve invoice discrepancies, ensuring all payments were accurate and disputes were settled promptly.

  4. Coordinated the approval and payment processes for manual invoices, ensuring compliance with internal controls and financial policies.

  5. Conducted thorough monthly reconciliations of manual entries against general ledger, identifying and correcting any discrepancies to maintain financial integrity and accuracy.

Netsuite + Stampli Examples w/ Wells Fargo

Here are some examples of an Accounts Payable Specialist processing Invoices in Stampli, using Netsuite as their ERP and Wells Fargo as their bank:

  1. Oversee the accounts payable module in NetSuite, ensuring all financial data is accurately recorded and reconciled with general ledger entries. Utilize NetSuite’s reporting features to generate financial reports and analyses for management review.

  2. Manage the full cycle of invoice processing using Stampli, from receipt to payment. Ensure that all invoices are accurately captured, approved, and processed in a timely manner within the Stampli system.

  3. Execute payments through Wells Fargo banking platforms, including setting up wire transfers, ACH payments, and check issuances. Maintain up-to-date vendor payment details and resolve payment issues.

  4. Maintain strong internal controls and compliance with financial policies and procedures in handling of accounts payable. Ensure adherence to SOX controls and other financial regulations within NetSuite, Stampli, and banking operations.

  5. Serve as the primary point of contact for vendors regarding invoice discrepancies and payment timelines. Build and maintain strong relationships with vendors through regular communication and timely resolution of issues.

  6. Assist with internal and external audits by providing all necessary AP documents and explanations, especially focusing on transactions processed through NetSuite and Stampli, and payments made via Wells Fargo.

  7. Continuously assess and improve AP processes within NetSuite and Stampli to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure best practices in accounts payable processing.

What are the key skills for accounts payable roles?

Key Skills

Here is a list of key skills to add to your resume for an Accounts Payable Specialist Role:

  • Invoice Processing

  • Vendor Management

  • Payment Processing

  • Financial Reconciliation

  • ERP Systems Proficiency (e.g., NetSuite, SAP)

  • Accounts Payable Software (e.g., Stampli,

  • Data Entry Accuracy

  • Compliance & Regulatory Knowledge (e.g., SOX controls)

  • General Ledger Maintenance

  • Financial Reporting

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Attention to Detail

  • Time Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Document Management

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Audit Support

  • Budget Oversight

  • Procurement Processes

  • Analytical Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Adaptability

  • Project Management

  • Technology Integration (e.g., integrating AP tools with banking platforms like Wells Fargo)

Essential Software

Here is a list of essential software to add to your resume for an Accounts Payable Specialist Role:

  • NetSuite - ERP software for comprehensive business management.

  • QuickBooks - Widely used for small to medium-sized business accounting.

  • SAP - Enterprise resource planning software for large organizations.

  • Microsoft Dynamics - Business management software suite.

  • Oracle Financials - Integrated financial management solutions.

  • Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) - Accounting software for SMBs.

  • Xero - Online accounting software for small businesses.

  • FreshBooks - Invoice and accounting software for small businesses.

  • - Automated accounts payable and receivable platform.

  • Stampli - Interactive invoice management and AP automation.

  • Concur - Expense and invoice management solutions.

  • Zoho Books - Online accounting solution for small businesses.

  • Coupa - Business spend management software.

  • Tipalti - Global payables automation software.

  • MineralTree - End-to-end AP automation software.

  • Yooz - Cloud-based AP automation solution.

  • AP Express - Nivo1's cloud-based AP automation software.

  • AvidXchange - Provider of accounts payable and payment automation solutions.

  • DocuWare - Document management and workflow automation.

  • Kofax - Automation software that streamlines document-intensive processes.

  • Plaid - Technology platform that enables applications to connect with users’ bank accounts.

  • Tally - Popular in India, comprehensive ERP and accounting solution.

  • Intacct - Cloud financial management software.

  • Workday - Financial management and human capital management software.

  • Kissflow Finance - Financial process automation tool tailored for SMBs.

  • Hiver - Enables Gmail users to manage shared inboxes efficiently, making it easier to collaborate, delegate, and track emails.

  • Front - A collaborative email platform that integrates with Gmail and other services to centralize communication and streamline responses.

  • Microsoft Outlook - A staple in many business environments, offering extensive email management features, integration with other Microsoft services, and calendar management.

  • Gmail - Google's email service, widely used for its integration with other Google Workspace tools, ease of use, and customization through add-ons.

  • Spark - Offers collaborative email features that allow teams to handle shared inboxes and discuss email content privately.

  • Superhuman - Aims to speed up email management with shortcuts and powerful automation features.

  • Missive - Another collaborative email app that combines email, chat, and tasks to focus on teamwork around email communications.

  • ProtonMail - Known for its security focus, useful for AP specialists handling sensitive financial data.

  • eM Client - A full-featured email client that supports multiple providers and integrates email, calendar, tasks, and contacts.

  • Mailbird - An email client that integrates multiple email accounts and provides various productivity features to manage emails more efficiently.

  • Zoho Mail - Part of the Zoho Suite, this tool offers extensive organizational features and integration with other Zoho apps.

  • Thunderbird - A free and open-source email client, customizable and extendable with various add-ons to improve productivity.

What is a good objective to put on an accounts payable specialist resume?

Here are some examples of an AP Specialist executive summary paragraph that can be tailored to your background and used for your updated resume:

  • Dedicated Accounts Payable Specialist with over 3 years of experience in fast-paced financial environments. Proficient in managing large volumes of invoices using leading ERP software like NetSuite and Stampli. Known for improving payment processes and maintaining meticulous records. Adept at vendor relations and committed to enhancing workflow efficiencies and accuracy in financial reporting.

  • Detail-oriented and organized Accounts Payable Specialist with a proven track record in managing and processing high volumes of invoices, ensuring compliance with company policies and financial regulations. Experienced with diverse accounting software including QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics. Excels in analyzing financial documents, streamlining AP procedures, and working collaboratively in team settings to achieve financial integrity and timely project execution.

  • Results-driven Accounts Payable Specialist with four years of experience in handling complex invoice environments and optimizing cash flows. Expert in utilizing technology solutions like SAP and Oracle to enhance transparency and accuracy in financial transactions. Skilled in negotiating with vendors and improving internal controls and compliance with SOX standards. Eager to contribute to effective financial management and operational success in a dynamic organization.

  • Efficient Accounts Payable Specialist adept in the end-to-end management of billing cycles, equipped with robust knowledge of accounting platforms including Stampli and Sage 50. Demonstrates strong competency in streamlining accounts payable processes, conducting detailed financial reporting, and maintaining rigorous adherence to corporate financial policies. Looking to apply meticulous attention to detail and superior organizational skills in a challenging new role.

  • Proactive and meticulous professional with extensive experience as an Accounts Payable Specialist, proficient in automated AP solutions like AvidXchange and, coupled with solid experience in financial reconciliations and vendor management. Recognized for enhancing payment operations through effective implementation of cutting-edge financial software and tools. Committed to leveraging expertise in financial documentation and audit support to drive business objectives and compliance in a progressive organization.

Accounts Payable Specialist Salary:

In the United States:

National Average Salary: The average annual salary for an Accounts Payable Specialist in the United States is approximately $57,600​ (Velvet Jobs)​. This figure can range from about $50,539 to $75,700 depending on various factors​ (​​ / (Velvet Jobs)​.

Top Paying Locations: Some of the highest-paying cities for Accounts Payable Specialists include San Jose, Santa Clara, and Fremont in California, with average salaries around $63,427 annually.

In New York, New York, the average salary is about $60,640 per year​ (​​ / (PayScale)​.

Factors Influencing Salary: The salary for Accounts Payable Specialists can vary significantly based on experience, with entry-level positions generally earning less and more senior roles, such as Accounts Payable Manager, earning significantly more.

The average salary for an Accounts Payable Manager is approximately $75,000 and upwards of $100,000 per year in certain regions​ (​.

In Canada:

National Average: The average annual salary for an Accounts Payable Specialist in Canada is approximately CAD $50,357, with a typical range between CAD $41,000 and CAD $60,000​ (PayScale)​​ (​.

Top Paying Locations:

  • Toronto, Ontario: The average salary is around CAD $51,791 per year​ (​.

  • Vancouver, British Columbia: Salaries can range from CAD $50,000 to CAD $60,000 annually​ (​.

  • Alberta: In cities like Edmonton, the average salary is about CAD $50,000 per year​ (​.

Additional Compensation: In addition to base salaries, Accounts Payable Specialists may receive bonuses ranging from CAD $494 to CAD $5,000 annually​ (PayScale)​.

Experience and Seniority: Entry-level positions start around CAD $47,500 annually, while more experienced professionals can earn up to CAD $62,573 per year​ (​.

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